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Business Process Improvement

A specialised service to identify key areas of improvement and redesign processes to streamline operations, standardise documentation, and increase efficiency & performance.

In today’s highly competitive landscape, the customers are becoming increasingly demanding. It is imperative for businesses to do more with limited resources.

I understand each business is unique, so my services related to business processes are tailored to suit business needs to achieve the best possible results with systemic capacities. Be it Business Process Improvement (BPI) or be it Business Process Optimisation (BPO) or be it Business Process Management (BPM), the starting point in my approach is identification of areas that can be improved.

I am well versed in developing a strategy and a related action plan to ensure the changes are implemented and monitored sustainably so that a continuous improvement approach is established. This may include streamlining processes, improving data collection and analysis, or increasing automation.

Contact me today to learn more about my services and how I can help you reach your business processes.

Services & Deliverables

Standard Operations Manual (SOP)

Code of Practice (COP)

Assessment, Checklist & Maturity Models

Value Stream Mapping

Process Analysis

Process Redesign

Recommendations to optimise

System Identification

System Onboarding

Capability Development - training

Change management


Map the current process

Define the business challenges

Analyse what needs to be changed

Redesign the process

Implement changes

Establish open channels of communication/feedback

Identify KPIs to measure impact

Continually monitor the process changes

Measure the impact of process improvement efforts